Digital Jukeboxes and Karaoke Machines
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Jukebox Jockey Media Player Software

A full-featured, highly-configurable software application that is perfect for digital jukeboxes and karaoke machines. It's designed for use at parties, in venues, or as a professional music playback tool.


  • Robust Playback Engine
    • Supports a wide variety of formats for music, video, and karaoke.
  • Seemless Playback
    • Silence Detection, Cross-fading, Limiter, Dynamic Amplifier
  • Cover Art
    • Supports coverart stored in tags or folders.
  • Created for Touchscreens
    • We’ve designed our interface for fat fingers! But of course you can still use a keyboard and mouse if you prefer.
  • Multiple Monitor Support
    • Will display coverart, now-playing information, video, and karaoke on one or more monitors.
  • Powerful View Customization
    • Customize the menus and views to create the digital jukebox or karaoke machine that fits your needs.
  • Powerful Search
    • Advanced search functions are made easy using the integrated on-screen keyboard.
  • Ultimate Simplicity
    • It’s easy for anyone to walk right up to your Jukebox Jockey and figure it out! No user manual is needed for the end-user.
  • Advanced Security
    • Some editions include advanced user access control. Using these functions you can lock/unlock or limit almost any function of your jukebox.
  • Skinnable
    • Customize the graphics, and text-formats.
  • Request Tagging
    • Keep track of who is singing what. Or take other notes about a track.
  • Remote Control
    • Use the USBUIRT to control Jukebox Jockey!
  • Volume Mixer
    • Control the soundcard volumes from inside JJ. Use this for controlling microphone or aux-in levels.


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