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Before your purchase, we urge you to download a free trial and review our feature chart. You should also review, understand, and agree to our "Activation Credit Policy" before purchasing. All sales are final.

Jukebox Jockey Media Player 2 Platinum

Our platinum Edition is the best media player we have to offer!

Regular Price is $229.

$30 off for a limited time only!

Jukebox Jockey Media Player 2 Gold

Our Gold Edition provides some advanced features but not !

Regular Price is $149.

$20 off for a limited time only!

Jukebox Jockey Media Player 2 Home

Our basic media player is perfect for you and your friends to enjoy in the comfort of your home!

Regular Price is $69

$10 off for a limited time only!


Upgrading from Version 1 to Version 2 - Use your version 1 license key during checkout to receive the discount.

  • Home 1 to Home 2 - $39
  • Home 1 to Gold 2 - $79
  • Home 1 to Platinum 2 - $149
  • Pro 1 to Platinum 2 - $99

Upgrading from one Version 2 Edition to another - Please contact us via a support ticket to arrange an upgrade. The price on an upgrade is the cost of the edition you are upgrading to, minus the cost of the edition you currently have, plus a $10 upgrade fee.

Activation Credit Policy

You are entitled to activate (1) ONE PC per "license key" purchased at any given time. Your purchase of a license key includes 5 "activation credits". You must deactivate your PC when you wish to transfer the license, or when you modify your PC. It is your responsibility to "deactivate" your license in order to preserve your activation credits. Failure to deactivate a PC at the right time may result in a loss of an activation credit.

We have provided you with multiple activation counts in anticipation of the inevitable hardware or user error. Keep in mind however that if you deplete all 5 of your activation counts, we can not reset your activations and you will be required to purchase a new license key to continue using our software.

We have implemented this policy to eliminate tedious administrative tasks related to licensing and to combat piracy. We feel that this policy is fair and just for both our customers and our company. If you have any questions regarding this policy please create a support ticket or post on our forum. Thank you for your understanding. We sincerely appreciate your business.


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